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MS Office 365

Every Microsoft Office app has a quick access toolbar that shows one-click commands. Here’s how to customize this toolbar to show any command that appears on the ribbon and some that aren’t on the ribbon at all.

The quick access toolbar can be found in the Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word apps in the standard Office package, and also in other apps like Project and Visio if you’ve purchased them. The toolbar is not available on the web versions of these apps, just the client apps that are on your machine.

Microsoft unveiled a variety of features when it revealed Microsoft 365 back on March 30, 2020. Many of these seem like features that would have come to Office 365 anyway, but Microsoft is stressing that it wants to “help you and your family across work, school, and life.” This means new tools for improving writing on the web, managing your finances, and connecting with family and friends.

As a new service, Scandiplan systems can deliver customized MS Office 365/2016 toolbar apps to our customers.
We use them by mail journalization in Microsoft Outlook 2016.
We are developing and Google Chrome ext. and RestApi’s.
Contact us and get a great deal.
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