Data Rescue and Testing of VMs

Testing of VMs

Azure – Duplicated data from on-site VMs is kept in Azure storage. Azure VMs are generated with the duplicated data when we run a failover from onsite to Azure.The Azure VMs associate with the Azure virtual network when they’re made.

Configuration server machine – Used for centralized management.

  • Configuration server: Directions interchanges between on-premises and Azure, and oversees information replication.
  • Process server: Introduced of course the on the configuration server. It gets replication information; upgrades it with caching, compression, and encryption; and sends it to Azure Storage. The process server also additionally install Azure Site Recovery Mobility Service on VMs you need to repeat and perform programmed revelation of on-premises machines. As your arrangement develops, you can add extra, separate process servers to deal with bigger volumes of replication traffic.
  • Master target server: Installed by default on the configuration server. It manages duplicated data during failback from Azure. For huge arrangements, you can add an extra, separate master target server for failback.

VMware servers- During Site Recovery deployment, you add VMware servers to the Recovery Services vault.

Replicated machines – Mobility Service is placed on every VMware VM that you duplicate.

We continuously help our customers carry out Data Recovery (DR) – testing the recovery of their storage, DR of their VM’s on Azure, Hyper-v, VMware, Virtual Box.

We can also help decrypt SQL databases

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