Data Engineering Services

Data Engineering Services

We help Danish business to use the cloud smartly

Our costumers hire data engineers with benefits

Hire data engineers with benefits when you need it.

Our customers can turn up and down the level of competence and staffing

We develop and test in our own cloud environments

We are specialized resources within Google Cloud, Azure and AWS

We are our clients' scripting team

Our customers get a key account manager who is responsible for a successful project process

We develop programs for migrating data

We check that the migrations run perfectly

We are specialists in document conversions

Our programmers and data engineers are handpicked and specialists in each of their fields.

We are experts in the technologies

We set up our customers' use of Azure correctly

We solve the jobs in our test center before they are moved to our customers' environment

We solve tasks in

Azure Data Factory*,
Data Databricks*
Azure Synapse*
VS Code*

We design data models for and together with our customers

We set up landing sites

We adjust and refine data flows according to our customers' wishes

We configure yml files so DbT places management information and analytical data perfectly

We solve tasks in data lakes and snowflakes

We document what we do

Here is the rest UK data engineer services

We develop apps that your analysts and customers can use.

We are known for making things happen

We have super satisfied customers

We sell cut cards for Azure support

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    DBT Core and DBT Cloud consultancy

    we help our costumer to design and optimize datamodels


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    dbt™ helps data teams work like software engineers—to ship trusted data, faster.

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