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How to test Python ETL Pipelines?

We are using Python, Pandas and Pytest

🔍 Testing ETL pipelines is very crucial to ensure the delivery of consistent, accurate, and current data.

🤝 Inaccurate data can lead to mistrust among stakeholders. Pytest stands out among testing libraries because it's easy to use and the results are simple to read.

📊 scandiplan systems explains how to use pytest to test data quality, and create test cases for data types, primary keys, and columns that should exist.

🧪 This helps in catching data anomalies in the ETL pipelines. Pytest allows us to use Python assert to verify values in tests, and it also simplifies the writing of both simple and complex tests.

📈 In addition, scandiplan systems secure the testing tool integrates easily with CI/CD and web automation tools.

Biml uses XML and small nuggets of C# or VB code to automatically create huge amounts of SQL scripts, SSIS packages, SSAS cubes, tabular models, and more.

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