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What can we do?

Develop applications using PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, and MongoDB. They are reliable back-end database management systems. You can also migrate from other database management systems to PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, and MongoDB with Scandiplan Systems expert service.

PostgreSQL one of the most stable, advanced, open-source database management system. It supports both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) querying and also used as a data warehouse for many mobile, web, geospatial, and analytics applications Rich features and extensions, Reliability and standards compliance, and an Open source license make it one of the highly used database systems.

A Redshift Database is a cloud-based, big data warehouse solution offered by Amazon. It’s designed for large scale data set storage, analysis, and also suitable for performing large-scale database migrations.

If an organization has a high demand for analytics and access to data they can go with Redshift Database.

Use MongoDB as a primary data store for various applications. It’s a powerful, highly scalable, free, and open-source NoSQL based database so you can store the information in an unstructured format as compared to structured tables like in MySQL or PostgreSQL.

For performance-critical applications, MongoDB has become the first choice of clients.

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