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We encode in applescript,, C #, VBA, Json, Python, go and can help you transfer data to Azure API and design APIs.

During the last few years the API Ecosystem has grown significantly. This has been driven by demand for data and services in the Digital economy. We live in an interconnected world with billions of mobile devices. The internet has evolved with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and many more. With this proliferation of devices and apps the number of APIs has grown significantly. As a result, organisations need a way to manage the lifecycle of these APIs.


As more and more APIs are developed and deployed on the Internet and inside organisations it has become important to manage the whole life cycle of an API. API Management enables both developers and architects to manage the key stages of an API as it designed, published and shared with its consumer base. Key aspects of security, documentation, API growth and other important requirements can all be managed with API Management.


API management service can offer a multitude of features. However, it is important that they offer an environment that makes designing, deploying and managing the API easier. But more specifically you want your API management to offer the following:

  • API Gateway. A Gateway server that allows controlled access to backend services, enforcing throttling and security policies.
  • Documentation and Publishing Tools.
  • Access Portal. Central point for developers to manage API keys, documentation, SDKs.
  • Reporting and Analytics. Monitor usage and report on trends

What are Azure API Apps?

It provide a platform that enables creating, hosting and using API‘s for cloud and on premises infrastructure. It enables in creating and app that can provide API based application / software accessibility, connectivity for SaaS / hybrid cloud environments and a central API management platform.

How Azure API Apps are used?

This Apps are primarily designed for software developers and vendors / publishers to provide them with means to create, deliver, use and manage RESTFul Web API’s for their software / apps. This API Apps can be used to provide;

  • SaaS connectivity – provide SaaS publishers the ability to publish and consume their own set of API calls
  • Integration with other Azure App services such as Azure Logic Apps, Web Apps and Mobile Apps
  • Automate and manage the process of creating, versioning, deploying and managing API’s
  • Create API’s in any language (.NET, Java, Python etc)
  • Automating generation of software development kits (SDK) in different languages ( C#, Java, Java Script etc)
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