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Product development and innovation never stop with us.
SQL Services, remote services, testing application, apps for ios, hadoop, mongodb, cassandra, azure are our services. Hard competition, visionary employees, teamwork, exciting customers with advanced wishes and requirements and a fantastic testing team creates super products.

Rent an IT-Team

We can help your IT team with new projects
We can offer you interim consultants in the following areas:
IT Manager Project leaders innovation projects Database Administrator
VDI expertsIT Architecture AD management IT Support

Building IT infrastructure is a complex process that requires that you as a company receive high quality advice. In Scandiplan Systems we provide complete solutions that include: takes into account challenges related to insourcing, outsourcing, security and finance. The starting point is always the individual company's core business, which we consider in strategic planning and optimization of IT infrastructure.

Remote Services.

Scandiplan Systems offers remote services to its customers. Scandiplans offers its following in its Data integration palette  

 ETL-services Big data extractDB 2 - pull out
 Oracle - Extract SQL 2012 - Extract T- SQL Programming
 Connection tools applicationEDW-build Replication servicesLinked server
 SAS statistic analyze VB- programmingtailoring of MSI SCRIPT
Windows 7/ Windows 8.1/windows 10

SQL Services

For many companies, the use of SQL services database is an integral part of the business. However, managing one or more SQL servers can be extremely challenging, as many factors are part of a complex interaction.

Therefore, a high level of competence is required to handle the numerous issues that concern SQL SQL tools, Business Objects, Visual Basic, VB.net etc. We can help our customers from home office by working remote or working with our customers.

  • Database administrations service MS SQL server 2008 /2012 /2014
  • Design and modeling of EDW
  • Optimizing indexes on DBs
  • Creation and editing of tables and functions
  • User Administration
  • Rights Management
  • Tuning of databases
  • Backup / Eestore Database
  • Building SQL Cluster's Reflection of Clusters
  • Linked Server Technician
  • Extraction of SQL data from different DBS
  • View data in digital dashboards
  • HTML programming for displaying sql extracts on dashboards
  • API programming
  • Migration techniques for data transfer and data consolidation
  • Design of SQL agents
  • Monitoring and correcting values in tables
  • Automatic table update
  • Advisory Mail Shipping
  • Design af SSIS packages

Testing of new applications

A new service we offer is software testing, whether it's Beta realeases or final versions.

Scandiplan's project team often provides IT resources for design, programming and subsequent functional testing of new applications, log-log testing, replication processor testing that keeps DB's updated, as well as programming support for migration projects. One of the things we work hard with is thorough testing of programs before they are released to real production.

We use virtual testing environments so we can test software against different client-side management systems like MS Windows 7/10 64 bit, and VDI's with different MS Office versions 2013/2016 different comaddinns and VSTOs and server-side tests on Windows 2012R2 / Windows 2016 servers often with MS Exchange 2013/2016 and SQL Server 2014/2016 and BIZ Talk servers.

We are in the latest

We design and programming
REST APIJson objects Web services
Google Big Query PowerBI appsWe design apps that communicate with Azure

TVi works with Hadoop, MangoDB and Cassandra, which are NO-SQL databases that are gaining in these years. We also work with the latest versions of SQL Server 2016 and Oracle 12c. We specialize in extracting from the latest versions of Simcorp dimension

OFF-SHORE Development of Amazing Apps for iPhones and iPads

Development apps for iOS We only take the best and then collect the Apps Scandiplan Systems has entered the Custom Design Market of Apps for iPhones and iPads incl. programming of web services.

The first step in the process is to get detailed specifications and a business plan for how apps can be a good business. Based on these we can give a price as well as a time horizon for the assignment.

In the year you have approved the price of the project, we start as a first step in a detailed planning. This plan includes technical requirements, wire frames throughout the app, database design, web services 2/4 graphic design suggestions, and Gantt chart of tasks and time usage.

In the planning we have divided your project into 4 to 5 milestones. You pay on a regular basis as the project progresses, however, the final payment will only be due upon transfer of the completed app to you.

In the future when the app is a success, Scandiplan Systems is always available for further development.

Product development and innovation never stop with us. New thinking on the strip in the most beautiful competition.

Hard competition, visionary employees, teamwork, exciting customers with advanced wishes and requirements and a fantastic testing team create super products.

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