In the Scandiplan project team, we are used to being on the head and really endeavoring to find the right solutions

It’s important that the gear is in order to ensure the right course

One of our strengths is that we ensure that projects are running well whether we take over a poorly driven projects or a highly complex and undocumented projects – we can speed it up and make it well-structured – so the projects will be a success.

Transparency, active communication, mindmapping, scrump techniques and the waterfall model and, not least, visualization techniques and good management tools are important elements for this. We think it’s fun to turn really hard projects, projects that are driven entirely by the track for well-run project successes.

The Scandiplan Projects Team delivers the projects to the agreed time after an approved projects scope with an associated milestone plan and the projects are QA and well-tested before they get into the air, no matter how complex the projects are. We are used to playing ping pong with both management and projects team as well as external consultants – both act as problem breaker and solution partner.

Successful IT today is that many specialties need to be played together at the right times, and the systems change quickly, so the skills the requirements change over the course of the projects. We have had great pleasure to play with specialists in IT service centers and from various consultants. Someone is good at Citrix’s other VPN gateways, others again Firewalls / security, MS Sharepoint, AD administration, rollout packages MSI, GPO’s, transition projects others to the ongoing support.


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